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How to make a MetaMask Wallet


 How to Set Up a MetaMask Wallet.

metamastk wallet.

MetaMask is a free crypto wallet software that can connect to almost any Ethereum-based platform.

What is a MetaMask wallet?

If you want to create your first non-tradable token (NFT), lend assets to the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, or simply buy and transfer Ethereum-based tokens, you must first download the compatible crypto wallet software. This allows you to store any assets you create or purchase and connect to any platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

While there are a number of different wallet services available, MetaMask is by far the most popular with over 21 million monthly active users – it has grown 38x since 2020. Simply put, MetaMask is a Free hot wallet service available as a smartphone app or web browser. extension. This means you can download it directly to your phone or to your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave or Edge browser, similar to an ad-blocker extension. The "hot" part just means it's permanently connected to the internet so you can easily move your crypto assets whenever you want.

One of the main reasons MetaMask is so popular among new and existing crypto users is its interoperability with almost every Ethereum-based platform. MetaMask allows users to connect to more than 3,700 decentralized applications and 3 different web services.

MetaMask installation guide

The first thing you need to do is to download the MetaMask wallet software to your device of choice by visiting the official website here. You will be presented with the following options:

  • Browser: Compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Edge website browser.
  • Android: Compatible with all smartphones running the Android operating system.
  • iOS: Compatible with any iPhone.

After selecting the appropriate option, click the "Install MetaMask for..." button.

metamask installation

After successfully downloading the software, go to the extension icon in the upper right corner of your web browser and look for the MetaMask option. Click the "Get Started" button and you will be taken to the next page and presented with two options (see below).

  • Import wallet: This is for users who already have a MetaMask wallet on another device and want to import it to a new device.
  • Create Wallet: This is for users who want to create a brand new MetaMask Wallet.

Select "Create Wallet", accept a short disclaimer that appears, and create a password when prompted. As with any password, it is extremely important that you physically write multiple copies of the password on different pieces of paper. You should never make a digital copy of a password you have created; this includes actions like taking a screenshot, sending it to yourself in an email, or saving it as a note on your computer. Hackers can access anything digital stored on your computer – don't make it easy for them.

MetaMask Secret recovery phase?

Next, a screen will appear explaining what the recovery password is, how you should copy it (again, not in paper and digital format), and why you should never share your password recovery with anyone.

  • In short, your secret recovery phrase consists of 12 random words. It's there as a backup in case you lose the phone or laptop from which your MetaMask wallet was downloaded and need to transfer it to a new device.
  • You must carefully copy each word in the order it is displayed on the screen. Word order is very important because if the words are in the wrong order, you will not be able to transfer your account to a new device, even if you have entered all 12 words.
  • MetaMask will ask you to enter the 12-word string before proceeding with the final steps.

How to use MetaMask wallet

After completing the above steps, you will be able to access your new MetaMask wallet. There are two main components you need to be familiar with to start using the software:

Identity of your public address: It is the address that you can freely share with people or platforms such as stock markets to get crypto money in your wallet. Think of it as your home address that you share with others to receive incoming mail. However, it is always recommended to verify that all incoming tokens are compatible with MetaMask before receiving them, or they may be lost forever.

How to fund/buy and send: These are the main functions of MetaMask.

metmask wallet

You can find your unique MetaMask public address by clicking the "Account 1" button (black arrow). You can click on the square icon below to copy it automatically, to avoid having to type it manually when needed.

Finally, to start interacting with any Ethereum platform, you must first fund your MetaMask wallet with some ether - Ethereum's native cryptocurrency. Whether moving tokens from A to B or building an NFT collection, all actions on the blockchain come with a fee. This fee, called the “gas” fee, is expressed in ether.

The amount you choose to deposit into your wallet depends on how much you plan to interact with the different platforms. For moderate usage, $100 worth of Ether is usually a good starting point to cover initial fees.

Clicking the "buy" button (red arrow) will take you to a window where you can buy ether using Wyre or CoinSwitch. These options allow you to buy ether using a debit card or by exchanging it for any other crypto tokens you have.

After purchasing some Ether, you can send crypto assets from your MetaMask to other wallets by entering the recipient's public address in the provided box and specifying the amount including the gas fee. You can also visit the "Swap" feature that allows you to trade Ether for a wide variety of Ethereum-based tokens within the app, or you can start using external services such as NFT markets or DeFi platforms.

On most platforms, you will see a "connect" button in the upper right corner of the screen. After clicking on it you will see the option to link your MetaMask wallet. You may be required to sign a transaction to complete the login process. It costs you nothing, it just proves that you have control over the wallet.