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7 Tips to Make You a Successful crypto investor


  7 Tips to Make You a Successful crypto investor!!

Investing in crypto is exciting, but it can also be confusing and intimidating. Even seasoned investors don’t always know what they’re doing, so where do you start? This beginner’s guide to investing in crypto will give you the information you need to make smarter decisions about how to grow your portfolio and make your money work harder for you.

Investing in crypto is exciting, but it can also be confusing and intimidating. Even seasoned investors don’t always know what they’re doing, so where do you start? This beginner’s guide to investing in crypto will give you the information you need to make smarter decisions about how to grow your portfolio and make your money work harder for you.

Why you should invest in cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies—digital assets that use cryptography for security—are all over the news. Bitcoin, often heralded as a harbinger of things to come, is one of many examples of cryptocurrencies on a market that has exploded into existence over recent years. If you’re like most people, you know very little about cryptocurrencies beyond what you’ve read in news headlines and seen demonstrated on fast-talking pundits on late-night television. That said, here are some simple truths about why you should invest in cryptocurrencies. It’s more important than ever before to be able to differentiate between trustworthy sources and those who will profit from your ignorance (or worse).

Here is the  7 Tips thas Makes You a better investor

1. Do your own research: If you’re thinking about investing in cryptocurrency, don’t do anything until you’ve done your own research. It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you make any moves. If it helps, think of investing in cryptocurrency as gambling (and don't bet more than you can afford). You should never invest money that you can't afford to lose. Remember, cryptocurrencies are still incredibly risky and there is a chance that even if everything goes well for crypto investors, your investment could ultimately be worth nothing. Nobody wants that! So take some time to read up on digital currencies and learn about their potential value. And remember—never invest more than you can afford to lose.

2. Determine what type of investor you are: There are two main kinds of investors. One is a passive investor who does not watch market shifts, but instead invests based on how much they have saved, their risk tolerance and so on. The other is an active investor who watches market changes and adjusts their portfolio accordingly. No matter which one you are, make sure you have a strategy before you start investing your money. That way, you’ll be prepared if something goes wrong or if things take off! Here are some helpful strategies for both types of investors.

3. Start will small amount of money and buy lowPutting a small amount of money into any investment is not just smart, it’s essential. If you put an inordinate amount of money into crypto, there’s no guarantee that things will go well and you could lose more than you can afford. It may be tempting to invest all your savings into cryptocurrency at once (e.g., $5,000), but for many people—no matter how serious about crypto they are—this is a bad idea. Just like with every other type of investment strategy, it pays to start small so that if things don’t work out as planned you can recover your losses with minimal impact on your financial security and peace of mind.

4. Remember you can always sell high but not buy highAs with any financial market, cryptocurrency price is fluid. This means that at any point in time, you can buy low and sell high, but try not to panic buy or sell. The last thing anyone wants is for you to lose money because you panicked. This likely will not be an issue if you are simply investing a small amount of money that you can afford to lose entirely should something go wrong. However, if you’re investing a large sum of money, it’s best that you stay rational and consider your options carefully before making your final decision. Panic buying and selling makes everyone involved lose out — don’t let it happen to you! Be patient and take note of long-term trends instead. The easiest way to avoid losing your investment is by setting up clear goals for yourself before investing. Be sure to know what exactly you want from each investment so that you can properly gauge its success or failure. It also helps to understand how quickly (or slowly) crypto markets move, so you won’t be surprised when prices change rapidly overnight without warning.

5. Only use trusted exchanges like Coinbase and binanceExchanges are where you buy and sell crypto, so it’s vital that you only use reputable exchanges. Coinbase is one of the most popular exchanges out there, and for good reason. It has a ton of currencies available to trade, you can buy Bitcoin instantly with your bank account or credit card, it’s highly secure (although there was a breach of user information in 2014), and it has an easy-to-use interface. The exchange allows for up to $5,000 worth of trades per day. So if you just want to invest a little money every now and then, Coinbase is a solid choice that should serve you well. If you’re looking to invest larger amounts of money on a more regular basis, however, consider using GDAX instead. This platform offers similar features but with higher trading limits—$10,000/day first tier and $25,000/day second tier—and lower fees. Keep in mind that these limits apply separately from those set by your bank or credit card company; they also don’t apply to digital currency transactions made outside of Coinbase.

6. Be an early investor and participate on ICO's and IDO'sAs a beginner, it is recommended that you stick with established coins. This will reduce your risk as they are generally better known and have been around for longer. As with everything related to investment, it is vital that you conduct thorough research and analysis before choosing which ICOs or IDO’s you want to invest in. By simply entering your email address above, I will provide you access to my personal list of selected ICOs and IDO’s. The list is updated on a regular basis and always contains high-quality projects with a strong potential for profit. All in all, here are some basic tips for beginners when investing in crypto: Stay away from fast money schemes such as Bitcoin mining. Only participate on well-established coin offerings and never invest more than you can afford to lose. In other words, only invest what you can afford to lose because there is no guarantee that crypto investments will pay off! Cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile assets so do not put more money into them than you can afford to lose.

7. invest for the long-termIt’s exciting to see your portfolio grow, but you should resist any urges to sell after a big gain. While you can cash out your investment at any time, it might be best to hold on for several years—at least until crypto’s volatility settles down and you have a better sense of how things will play out. Ideally, you’ll still be hodling when crypto goes mainstream; even then, it might make sense to take some money off the table while retaining as much exposure as possible (for now). And don't forget that taxes play a huge role in investing. The IRS classifies cryptocurrencies as property rather than currency—so keep good records and track your gains! No matter what strategy you choose, remember that diversification is key.